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If you’re getting started with Django and Celery and following the instructions at, then you might hit the following error when you try to run the example to instantiate the ‘add’ task:

% python
>>> from myapp.tasks import add
/Blah/blah/python2.6/site-packages/celery-2.3.3-py2.6.egg/celery/loaders/ NotConfigured: No ‘celeryconfig’ module found! Please make sure it exists and is available to Python.
  “is available to Python.” % (configname, )))

Since no useful information turned up in a Google search for this, I thought I’d post the answer here.

The problem is that Celery doesn’t know that it’s running in the context of a Django app. That information is in your, if you’ve configured it per the django-celery instructions. So, before you can instantiate your task, you need to do two things:

  1. set DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=settings in your environment
  2. import before trying to instantiate your task


% DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=settings python
>>> import settings
>>> from myapp.tasks import add
>>> result = add.delay(5, 2)
>>> result.ready()
>>> result.result
>>> result.successful()


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