Joining multiple XML files with Python and libxml2

I found myself with the job of joining two XML documents. Should have been trivial but I don’t live and breathe XML so after false starts with XSLT and XInclude I tried with python.

Pretty straightforward, apart from finding some documentation for the libxml2 bindings.


# Take a bunch of XML files on the command line and merge them into
# one big XML document.
# The root element will come from the first document; the root elements of
# subsequent documents will be lost, as will anything outside the root
# (comments and whatnot).

import sys
import libxml2

doc = None
root = None

for i in range(1, len(sys.argv)):

    newdoc = libxml2.parseFile(sys.argv[i])
    newroot = newdoc.getRootElement()

    if newroot:
        if not root:
            # first document with a root element
            doc = newdoc
            root = newroot
            # merge this into previous document

if doc:
    print doc

  1. dung le said:

    hi there,

    i am very new to python and pydev IDE. how can i add libxml2 package to project so that i can successfully do “import libxml2” as in your code?

    thanks alot.


    • Sorry, I’m not familiar with pydev. On my system (Fedora Linux), libxml2 is available without me having installed it. Perhaps the availability of the python bindings is a side effect of installing the Fedora libxml2 packages?

      The homepage for libxml2 is here:

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